Friday, November 6, 2009

It's all about free stuff

We update ever single day with brand new, 100% real free stuff. You do not have to worry about finding any fake or scam freebies like on a lot of other “free” sites.
Click on the text link or picture of the freebie to request the free stuff, product samples and coupons. You do not request any offers through the comment form. Use this to say something about a freebie, or to chit chat though!

Old free stuff posts do not get deleted right away, but they eventually get buried deep in the archives. The further you go into the archive, the more expired offers you might find. Quality free stuff and offers that are still valid will reoccur on the front page numerous times. Especially if it is something we know comes and they are still sending it.
If you click on one of the category links, it will take you to a page with just freebies that are part of that specific category. The most recent additions are at the top, just like on the main page.
The best way to stay up to date on the newest freebies and samples is to sign up for our daily e-mail updates at the top of the page. Visiting Sweet Free Stuff every day is the other option.
We are your #1 resource for freebies! Most legitimate free offers can be found right here on this website daily! Be wary of other free stuff websites that link to a lot of spam sites or sites that aren’t really giving away anything free.
Have fun at this site! Browse for cool free offers and feel free to leave comments and questions using the comment link after each post. Also visit the About page for even more free stuff info and tips. Oh, and don’t forget to tell everyone and your dog about this site!


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