Saturday, November 7, 2009

Win a MacBook Air - For Greece Only

Fits in a manila folder, you can slide it under a door, and if you threw it hard enough you could probably chop someone in half with the thing. It's the thinnest, and if we may say so, sexiest laptop around today: the MacBook Air. But, as many potential buyers have been asking themselves since last week, is the Air right to be your next machine? Read on, we'll tell you what we think.

The Air has a Core 2 Duo chip in a specially designed package and small motherboard that help reduce its thickness. The LCD screen is backlit with LEDs, which saves battery, and allows the screen to be dimmed much lower than CCFL screens for additional battery. It has Wireless N/B/G, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, and is available in two basic configurations: $1799 for a 1.6GHz chip, plus 2GB of RAM and a 80GBs 4200 RPM Drive. For almost double the price at $3098, you can get a 1.8GHz chip with the same 2GB of RAM and a 64GB solid state drive module that, like all SSD, is shock resistant. There is no ethernet port, only a USB to ethernet jack that needs to be bought separately. And there is no optical drive, save the $99 optional external. For all the bitching we do about it not having 3G cellular data, Apple considered it but couldn't fit it into the case and didn't want to lock consumers into one carrier.
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The $400 Xbox 360 Elite is black instead of white, includes a 120GB hard drive (six times as capacious as the previous 360's, twice as big as the PS3's), and sports an HDMI output for easier hookups to HDTVs.

The good: Excellent selection of games, including many 360-only exclusives; all games are in native high-definition; user-friendly Dashboard interface; supports wireless controllers and accessories; Xbox Live service offers online multiplayer (with matchmaking and voice chat) and content downloads for most games; backward compatible with many--but not all--original Xbox titles; doubles as a superior digital media hub and Windows Media extender; online Marketplace allows easy purchases of minigames, add-on gaming content, high-def movies, and TV shows.

The bad: The Elite fails to correct most of the annoyances of the original 360 version: the noisy DVD drive and cooling fan; a gigantic, oversize power supply; no built-in wireless networking; only three USB ports; a substandard DVD player; online gaming requires a paid subscription to Xbox Live; proprietary wireless format limits third-party accessories.

The bottom line: While it's neither a must-have upgrade for existing 360 owners nor as feature-packed as the PS3, the Xbox 360 Elite's combination of top-notch gaming and digital media features make it the current game console of choice.

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What's better then receiving one iPhone 3G? Receiving two!
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Looking at the financial data for McDonald's Corporation and Burger King Holdings Inc tells us that McD's cooks BK on market cap ($53.7B to $2.9B), and that both stocks are up big since BK started trading last May (McD's is up 29%, BK is up 24%). But these brands aren't really found in the numbers. Let's look at the factors that make these fast-food giants the top two burger chains in the land.

What's the first thing you think of when someone says McDonald's or Burger King? Probably their signature sandwiches -- the Big Mac and the Whopper -- because they are what make the brands. There are two factors to look at here -- taste and health.

As far as taste goes, my nonscientific survey says that both sandwiches are flawed (yes, I used writing this blog as an excuse to eat fast food twice in the same week). With the Big Mac, most of my problem was finding the two all-beef patties in a sea of buns and lettuce it was surrounded by.

With the Whopper, my criticism is that the burger should come with cheese on it without you having to ask (or pay extra). The burger is supposed to be their top-of-the-line; they could at least throw a slice of cheese on it for you, with you making it "your way."
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